Web contents dark mode on Google Chrome for Android

Software · 1 min read
Despite the ongoing efforts on the implementation of manual/dynamic dark mode web wide, it’s realization is still very far from expressive. At the same time, what can look like a simple change in the stylesheets, may become a tedius task that spans throughtout the code. To also avoid half baked solutions what sometimes look broken visually, sometimes requires adapting previous formated content, but that is not always a feasible ideia depending on the scale

DNS-over-HTTPS on Chromium based browsers

Web · 2 mins read
DNS resolution over an encrypted HTTPS connection prevents tampering, eavesdropping and spoofing, greatly enhancing privacy and security between client and public DNS service. It complements DNSSEC to provide end-to-end authenticated DNS lookups. We can discuss the many caveats of the current centralization of DNS in this approach, considering the absense of ISPs’ engagement in the implementation of their own DNS-over-HTTPS(DoH) or DNS-over-TLS(DoT) solutions, but that’s a matter for another time

Use pnputil in Windows to sanitize old leftover driver packages

Software · 3 mins read
Through pnputil you can obtain a list of packages containing the drivers of the hardware currently present on the system. For rollback purposes, the system keeps a few old versions of each driver along the update timeline, unfortunately not always with good outcomes. One of the disadvantages is the considerable amount of space used in some cases, adding to the complexity of fragments and clutter in the master file table

How to disable Service Workers on Chromium based browsers through uBlock

Web · 2 mins read
The thought of some website installing a Service Worker(SW) upon visit, without explicit user acceptance or acknowledgement, makes little sense. Specially considering that 99.9% of the web browsing activity consists of information gathering and content consumpion, where a SW has little to no usefullness. This liberal approach poses risks such as opening a new channel of entry for future exploits while contributing to the overall unnecessary arbitrary resource consumption